Portrait of a golden retriever puppy

We welcome puppy ZuZu as the newest member of the Trog’s Dogs pack. We are still heartbroken from our loss of Shadow last month who is now playing and waiting for us at Rainbow Bridge, and we see ZuZu as a way for our hearts to grow and become just that much bigger and fuller. We will always love our shadowy figure dog.

ZuZu is an English Crème who comes to us from a wonderful family in Wisconsin, Brandon and Charity of South Branch Goldens.

Daisy and Paczki are still not quite sure to think of ZuZu as she is such a spitfire, but the good news is that she tires easily and loves to take a lot of naps. We look forward to our journey with the little angel, and look forward to what the future brings, both good and bad.

Oh, and it’s so easy to forget just how hard the first year can be with a puppy, but it does wash over you once you have a new puppy. But it probably is a good thing that we do forget the getting up at night a couple of times for potty, and the training, and making sure not to step on them, and on and on . . .

Play your heart out ZuZu, and try not to torture your sisters too much!