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ZuZu’s First Autumn

2020-01-09T20:28:35-06:00Category: Portraits|Tags: , |

The colors this Autumn are quite vibrant, and since puppy ZuZu (golden retriever) has been learning the sit command we thought we'd try and get her to sit where some of the colors would be in the background.


2020-01-09T20:30:18-06:00Category: Portraits|Tags: |

ZuZu puppy was jumping up and down on a couch in an upstairs room on a sunny fall day, and when I grabbed the camera to attempt a couple of shots, she stopped and stared at me for a brief moment. Long enough to capture a couple of golden retriever puppy portraits.

Contemplating the Stairs

2020-01-09T20:30:58-06:00Category: Moments|Tags: |

ZuZu the golden retriever puppy found her way up the stairs, which evidently was the easy part. At the top she turned around looked like she was lost trying to figure out what to do next. So here she is in deep contemplation trying to figure out these darn stairs.

Sweet Dreams

2020-01-09T20:31:54-06:00Category: Moments|Tags: |

Once again ZuZu slid down onto the floor, but this time in the flying V formation, and took a power nap next to her sister Daisy. Sweet dreams Zuzu . . .

It’s a Golden Life

2020-01-09T20:32:35-06:00Category: Moments|Tags: |

. . . On this particular day, puppy ZuZu thought it best to plop down next to her sister and take one of those comfy afternoon naps. It really is a wonderful, golden life!

New Best Friend

2020-01-09T20:33:26-06:00Category: Moments|Tags: |

. . . and then in a quiet moment, Paczki crouched down and slowly creeped up to where ZuZu was sitting, and ZuZu reached up and gave Paczki a puppy kiss.

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