Golden Retriever Children’s Book: Puppies Love


Puppies Love is an interactive children’s book written and illustrated to engage young children and adults through all those wonderful things puppies love to do. Each illustrated golden retriever puppy photo is accompanied by a sentence of what puppies love to do then followed by a question to engage the child. Whether it’s a puppy chasing a ball, hiding in the grass, snuggling or just simply smiling, children (and adults!) are sure to be delighted and engaged with Puppies Love.

  • Hardcover with 40 pages
  • Illustrated photos throughout with images of golden retriever puppies (Trog’s Dogs)
  • Created and designed in the United States
  • Published by Trog’s World LLC in October of 2018
  • ISBN 978-1732555228

A portion of proceeds from the sales of this book will be donated to Morris Animal Foundation’s Golden Retriever Lifetime Study which is seeking to improve the health and well-being of dogs everywhere. To learn more, visit Morris Animal Foundation.

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For my Sweet Magnolia Belle

Puppies love running in the summer sun . . .
Do you like to play in the long days of summer?

Puppies love playing with their toys . . .
Which of your toys do you play with the most?

Puppies love to snuggle . . .
Who do you like to snuggle with?

Puppies love giggles and grins . . .
What makes you giggle and grin?

Puppies love rolling in the fallen leaves . . .
Do you like to play in the leaves?

Puppies love giving sugar and kisses . . .
Would you like kisses from a puppy?

Puppies love hide and go seek . . .
Who do you like to play hide and go seek with?

Puppies love taking long naps . . .
When do you like to take long naps?

Puppies love the winter snow . . .
Do you like to run and play in the snow?

Puppies love to be happy . . .
What makes you happy and full of smiles?

Puppies love to play fetch . . .
What games do you like to play?

Puppies love time with family . . .
When do you spend time with your family?

Puppies love days full of sunshine . . .
Do days full of sunshine make you happy?

Puppies love smelling flowers . . .
Do you like to smell the pretty flowers?

Puppies love chasing and running fast. . .
Do you like to chase and run really fast?

Puppies love sleeping at day’s end . . .
When do you say goodnight for bedtime?

© Trog’s World LLC

Trog whirls around the sun with his wife Sweet Magnolia and their golden retrievers in pastoral northern Illinois. When he’s not dodging the tumbleweeds of magic golden fibers, Trog can be found exploring the countryside for nature’s gifts and moments, with an occasional capture here and there with his trusty ol’ Nikon.

Trog’s portfolio of images includes Nature, Wildlife, Landscapes, Golden Retrievers and other genres from time to time. His images provide the content for the various brands of Trog’s World LLC: Scriptures in Pictures®, Trog’s Dogs® and Trogography. Follow on Instagram @trogography and @trogsdogs.

Drawing of Trog, Sweet Magnolia & Ginger in the flowers

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