Patiently Waiting

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Being the youngest means that sometimes you have to wait for the big sisters to finish what they're doing before you can play. Ginger watches her sisters intently while patiently waiting with her front feet tucked right underneath her.

Sit and Smile

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. . . They had gathered under the shade to rest for a spell, so I rounded them up for a quick pic. My wife is the one who usually does the sitting and staying for our portrait photos, but since she was away for a while, I used a shorter lens and tried to get them to pose on my own.

Happy Faces

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The girls love being outside in the summer, and you can see from this image that they are pretty content indeed. We enjoy growing wildflowers in the back, especially patches for butterflies and hummingbird, and these make for some beautiful backgrounds when we can get the girls to cooperate . . .


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. . . Six months later, up the tulips rise from the warming ground. They are so colorful, beautiful, a wonderful reminder of the promise of Spring. Now stay away deer, at least until they are almost finished with their glory.

ZuZu’s First Autumn

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The colors this Autumn are quite vibrant, and since puppy ZuZu (golden retriever) has been learning the sit command we thought we'd try and get her to sit where some of the colors would be in the background.

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