Eagle sitting on a branch in the evening sun

Mama eagle likes to keep an eye out for her eaglets because you never know when there could be trouble, especially since the loss of Papa eagle at the end of May.

There have been fly-bys from juvenile eagles and ospreys in the recent past, so better to be safe and stay on guard. Although she doesn’t spend as much time in the nest since the eaglets were younger, she will perch on branches near the nest, or keep a watchful eye out from the large cottonwood tree not far to the southeast.

There always seems to be some type of fowl in the air around the nest, such as herons, ducks and geese. In fact, the nest is so large that it has its own small bird ecosystem as sparrows and such have made nests in the bottom parts of the eagle’s nest, so there seems to always be a lot of activity around the nest. But the small birds are not really a bother, it’s the big ones that Mama watches out for.