Eagle in cottonwood tree not far from its nest

This has been quite a year for Mama Eagle, and she deserves to take a long rest in the cottonwood tree in the evening sun. She lost her mate at the end of May and was left to raise and feed a couple of hungry eaglets on her own. What a wonderful job she has done! All of us who follow her and the eagle’s nest are very proud of her.

Taken the last week of July, by now she has been doing her best to get the fledglings out of the nest and the nesting area. A couple of times she has brought in a fish from the river only to keep flying past the nest to a few hundred feet to the west of the tree. One time one of the juvies flew back to meet her, but soon thereafter made its way back to the nest. So with a sigh, Mama decided to go ahead and deliver the fish to the nest. But those days will be coming to an end soon.