Juvenile eagle with building thunderhead in the distance

By early August the juvenile eagles are spending more and more time away from the nesting area, but for now they still come back to the nest in the evening and like to perch on the branches around the nest.

One evening while watching them perch around the nest, it became obvious that they can also get bored and restless (like young kids) as they started picking at the bark on the branch, moving up and down the branch for no reason, and then started bickering with each other with one of the juvies jumping up and pushing his sibling away with its feet. Pretty funny to observe.

The two juvies both have their beautiful brown feathering, but one is noticeably larger than the other and we are guessing that one is a female and one is a male. Females are on the average about 1/3 larger than males within the same population. Here is some interesting data from the Journey North website: Comparing Male and Female Eagles.

This image was taken during an early August evening with a beautiful thunderhead boiling up in the background. Not sure if it can be seen on the web, but the talons of the juvie have dried mud on them, so it may have flown out to the west a bit where there is a large fluddle in the middle of a cornfield. It won’t be long now before they are off on their own.