Juvenile eagle, eagle's nest with rainbow

After the end of July, the two juvies were spending less and less time around the nesting area during the day, especially as the heat of the day wore on. And we’re pretty sure they would come back and spend the night at the nest, but they were usually out and about throughout the day. So it was pretty good luck and timing if we were going to have a sighting of either the Mama (or her new suitor!) or the juveniles as August rolled around.

Around August 9th or so, both of the juvies were up in the nesting tree, and I was off to their south waiting for the adult to perhaps come back to the nest. By this time, however, the adult was pretty much doing everything to discourage the juvies from hanging around the nest, so doubt that it would. Then the juvies must have spotted Mama, as they both took off in unison toward the south, right over my head and disappeared above the trees. It was the last time I’d see them together. And I felt that it probably would be the last time I would see either of them.

But then on August 13th late in the afternoon, I thought I’d drop by the nest to see if by chance there would be any of the eagles around. It was nice and sunny, so if they were around the lighting would cooperate. Sure enough, one of the juveniles was sitting up in the tree, and as I was taking a few portraits, these showers quickly moved in and then out.

At 6:30 to 7:00 pm in August, the sun is just low enough in the sky so that as the showers moved away and the sun came out, voila, a beautiful rainbow right behind the nest. It was still raining as I took the first shots, and there are frames with plenty of raindrops, but then it stopped and was able to capture some clear frames of the rainbow right behind nesting tree.

It was a fitting end to the nesting season as this was the last time I saw either of the juveniles at the nest. I’m sure some other folks may have spotted them at a later date, but for me it was the final show, and I was grateful.

Below are some additional photos of the rainbow. You can see in the wide photo that there was a double rainbow for a time, just beautiful.