Juvenile eagle silhouetted in the evening sky

This eagle’s nest has been in use by the same pair of eagles for about 7 years. Before they started this nest, they had nests a little further west for a few years (one of the nests fell apart), and their first nest was in a cemetery to the south. So they have been in this area for over 10 years.

When the pair started this nest 7 to 8 years ago, the pine tree was alive and vibrant (and word has it that it was a red tail hawk’s nest before the eagles took it over). A few years ago, the tree started to die and it now has no foliage at all. So it makes viewing the eagles and eaglets during the nesting season much easier than if it were a tree full of foliage. We’re really hoping the tree doesn’t decay too fast and there will be a few more nesting seasons.

We were also worried about Mama eagle after her mate died at the end of May, but by July there was a suitor trying to win her heart. They have been spotted many times together since, and even sitting together in the nesting tree, so we’re very encouraged about the next year and more eaglets.

As I was leaving the nesting area late in July, one of the juvies flew back to the nest and perched above the nest. So I turned around and went back and was able to capture its silhouette against the soft evening sky, a wonderful sight indeed.