Trog's Dogs Blog 101819 Paczki stares down Ginger

Even though these two golden retrievers have the same father, they have their differences. Paczki is a gentle therapy dog, and we were really hoping that Ginger would follow in her footsteps.

Ginger is exuberant and sometimes displays what we call aggressive joy, it’s really wonderful. But probably a little too joyful to be a therapy dog, and it would be a shame to train that wonderfulness out of her. I’m sure there are ways to make it happen, but we just haven’t explored it.

ZuZu is between Ginger and Paczki in age, and so ZuZu grew up playing and running with Paczki. So they usually end up pairing off and doing their thing.

On this day, however, Paczki was giving Ginger the stare down, and those of us who have canines know what this means. Paczki’s tail is at full mast, and if only Ginger would turn and lock eyes, then the fun could begin. A short time after this was captured, that’s exactly what happened . . .