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Cirque du Goldens

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This December morning the air was still, full of moisture and frost covered the grass. Before the sun rose too high and started to melt the icy crystals would be a perfect time to let the beasts out back and play. They love the cold, and they could run with abandon and wouldn't need to have their paws wiped down when they came back in . . .

Patiently Waiting

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Being the youngest means that sometimes you have to wait for the big sisters to finish what they're doing before you can play. Ginger watches her sisters intently while patiently waiting with her front feet tucked right underneath her.

Penny for your Thoughts

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. . . Perhaps she was thinking about her younger sisters ZuZu and Ginger and wondering where in the heck they got all of that energy to run and chase each other with abandon through the snow. Whatever her thoughts, it wasn't long before she decided to join the great snow chase, and how wonderful it was to be playing in the snow again!

Let’s Rumble

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On this day, however, Paczki was giving Ginger the stare down, and those of us who have canines know what this means. Paczki's tail is at full mast, and if only Ginger would turn and lock eyes, then the fun could begin. A short time after this was captured, that's exactly what happened . . .

Sit and Smile

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. . . They had gathered under the shade to rest for a spell, so I rounded them up for a quick pic. My wife is the one who usually does the sitting and staying for our portrait photos, but since she was away for a while, I used a shorter lens and tried to get them to pose on my own.

Happy 8th Birthday Paczki!

2020-01-09T20:12:56-06:00Category: Moments|Tags: |

. . . through the years you've brought smiles to over 800 patients at the local hospital, and you've been there for so many special needs kids to read to you during the Reading to Rover program. You and your Mommy are special angels for all that you do for others. Happy birthday, and here's to many more!

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