In the Snow

Last Snow of the Season?

ZuZu and the golden girls LOVE the snow, and today they ran with abandon, buried their noses and made snow angels in the last snow of the season, or at least we hope so!

Kickin’ Up The Snow

ZuZu and Paczki were making the fresh snow fly all over the place with their running and carrying on. Here they come face-to-face while kickin’ up the snow.

Let it Snow!

What a glorious day for Trog’s Dogs as they couldn’t wait to get out and play in the freshly fallen snow. And a deep snow indeed. As usual, Paczki and Zuzu chased each other around playing Tag, You’re It! They’re quite happy to just let it snow.


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golden retrievers in the snow

Hey, Let’s Go Play!

(multi-image post) The weather finally warmed up enough to go outside for a while, so Paczki says, “Hey, Let’s Go Play!” They love the snow, so it was fun for all; even Daisy got in on the action. Big sticks, little sticks and chasing each other around.

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Happy New Year Hugs

May your 2015 be happy, safe and prosperous and the best year yet! Happy new year hugs for everyone!

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