About Us

Trog is a nickname from much younger days that has carried forward through the years, and it is a derivation from the family surname that has been in America since colonial days. Trog’s World is really an umbrella title for the various niches you’ll find here: Trogography (the nature and landscape photo galleries), Trog’s Dogs golden retrievers, and Scriptures in Pictures (Bible verses/messages in pictures). And someday when we’re able devote all of our time to these endeavors, we’ll use the real name; Trog will do for now.

The word photography was created from the Greek roots of “light” and “drawing”, so together the meaning is “drawing with light”. I have been Drawing with Light for many years, and the journey started with film so that gives you some idea of just how long it’s been. With the wonderful technological advancements of the last few years, all of the photography is now digital. Many of the early images have been scanned and digitized, and thanks to the wonder of modern image editing tools, they are able to be restored as close as possible as to how I remember the images at the time they were taken. It’s quite a journey.

With regard to photography, early on it was mostly nature and landscape photography but as time marched on, the horizons expanded. Similar to music, the particular genre is not as important as it is to be compelling and moving. So the closest pigeon hole for many of my images is Outdoor Photography, but there are exceptions.

We love to share our lives with our canine angels, Trog’s Dogs. And although we are quite fond of a variety of different breeds, there’s just something about those goldens, and what joy they bring us. It’s so true that they are just a part of our lives, but we are their entire life and we don’t take that for granted. If only we could have more years with them . . . Along our journey with them, we try to capture their essence. Truth be told, it’s impossible to do – as canine parents will tell you. But we do the best we can.

Our goal is to bring smiles, along with some ooohs and aaaahs. We also hope you find your virtual visit here to our little world as visually appealing as we intended. The focus is a little more on the visual versus the written, but from time to time there might be some musings on topics such as music, history, technology, or other areas of interest. Maybe . . .

And please check out Trog’s Shop where you can find greeting cards for those still inclined to send a written word to a friend. There are also calendars available in season, and there is a section where you can sign up to send eCards via email.

Thanks for visiting, and feel free to contact us anytime; we’d love to hear from you.

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